Best Trip to Home Depot Ever

I had to get four small things from Home Depot today. I was dreading the errand because I was sure it would take an hour. But then I had a moment of inspiration, and I’m still feeling very smart about it. If you like to wander around in there, that’s cool – this method is for the people like me, who eye the size of the building and whimper. I present to you, How to Shop at Home Depot:

  1. Write down a list of things you need.
  2. Upon arrival, go directly to the Service counter.
  3. Present your list to an employee and say, “Could you please write down an aisle number for each of these things?”
  4. Shop.
  5. Leave.
  6. Rejoice that it is possible to spend 20 minutes or less at Home Depot.

It’s these moments, and not any of the grades I got in school, that make me feel like a freaking genius.

One thought on “Best Trip to Home Depot Ever

  1. Personally, I prefer to collar an employee and say “This is what I have in mind. I already have these pieces, and I think that I need these things. What do you think?”

    Usually, I’ll actually get good advice, and about half the time it’ll include “… and you should buy this thing that you weren’t even considering.” ALWAYS BUY THE THING.

    Home Despot (and other stores of their ilk) have ridiculously good return policies. If you’re considering that you might need a tool or a part, buy it, and if by the end of the job you’ve not used it, then return it at your leisure. They’re used to it. It’s far superior to trying to figure out where you’re stuck in the middle of a project and deciding that you needed it after all.

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