Give me food, dang it

Wow. Motherhood. WOW.

My (amazing, wonderful, adorable) daughter is six months old. I am convinced I will never feel rested again, but I’m told this is part of the process, and that around the one-year mark things will get better.

I generally eat Paleo, as I’m pretty sure I outlined in some danged post or another. But part of how I’ve survived these past months is by indulging in food treats. Unfortunately, this recently caught up with me. So, let’s briefly review what I can’t have – whether it’s due to baby’s sensitivity, my sensitivity, my recent need to Eliminate Fungus (SERIOUSLY? Whatever I did to anger you universe, I formally apologize)… etc. It’ll make most anybody reading this feel better about their options.

CAN’T HAS: dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese), white potatoes, alcohol of any kind, sweeteners other than stevia, rosemary, vanilla extract, black pepper, FRUIT (ARGH) other than avocado and tomato, vinegar other than apple cider vinegar, all grains, legumes, most commercially used oils, blah de blah blah blah.

What has kept me from falling completely to pieces? Making my first ever successful batch of bone broth! Thank you, Wellness Mama.

This means I can have soup! For the first time in something like three years! Suddenly, life is okay. Add onto that, finding a piece of a recipe out of This Stupendous Cook Book (Breakfast Bowls, the part about the biscuit cups) that led me to adapt my own version and make biscuits that taste pretty similar to the buttery wheat flour-based biscuits I’ve been desperately missing.

I’ve made a basic veggie & beef stew, and sweet potato basil soup. YUM. I shall survive.

One thought on “Give me food, dang it

  1. Just in case you had somehow managed to avoid realizing it, you’re messed up.

    *pat pat pat*

    There there. It happens to all of us.

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