Raising a kid to eat right

This is a subject that’s on my mind a lot. I have no personal experience with it yet, I just have a few ideas and some wise commentary from friends and family. And I feel hopeful. The most wonderful general piece of advice I’ve gotten is, the child will learn to eat like the parents. Well, hooray! This means that while we’re maintaining our careful paleo-esque food regimen, we’ll be teaching Little Girl good habits for life.

A second thing I heard comes from my sister’s experiences with my 2.5-year-old niece. My sister and her husband don’t eat much in the way of sugar or sweets, and that’s the way their daughter is being raised. Recently they had a reason to try to sweeten a tough experience for her with a little ice cream… and she didn’t care! She’s growing up free from sugar addiction. What an incredible platform on which to build better health.

I dare to dream that many of the worst problems our Little Girl could experience will be prevented by a good diet of healthy food, with priority placed on buying organic and non-GMO. If good health is among the gifts we give her, I think I’ll feel pretty okay as a parent.

I’ll definitely be elaborating on this topic as I have personal experiences and anecdotes to back it up.


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