Speculation #627b

Every so often the back of my mind serves up an idea that feels huge. I can’t prove this one in any way, shape, or form. It’s just a what-if, one that spawned out of reading this comic and then this NASA article about dark matter and dark energy. It goes like this:

What if our corner of the universe is imbued with an awareness of being observed? The stuff of our reality – the matter, the energy, etc. – reacts to being looked at… what if that’s not normal? What if it’s an experimental property? And, what if that’s what Zen practice tries to move past, or shut down, or suppress, or disempower?


2 thoughts on “Speculation #627b

  1. I’m not exactly sure what you’re getting at here. Are you saying that the 5% of the universe that we can understand (ie, the “matter” part) might react to being looked at? The answer is definitively “yes”. That’s the basis of Heisenburg’s famous (thanks, Star Trek!) uncertainty principle: observation changes the observed.

    But then you bring awareness into it, and that’s different. What does it mean for matter to be aware? Not just a rhetorical question – I don’t actually know. Quantum physics can only take me so far

    • Could “awareness” in this case be as simple as reaction? Could it be something far more basic than complex identity or sentient choice? Matter is observed, and it responds by doing something different than what it was doing before. While I’m not arguing that material building blocks have sentience, that does sound hilariously like self-consciousness to me.

      I don’t necessarily believe these things 100% – I have (FINALLY) hit a point in my life where I’m willing to make random noise until something sounds plausible, in pursuit of a good (or even just fun) idea.

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