The thing is, though

“i just work here” turned out pretty well, as poems go. But that’s just it, it’s a poem. The thing is, I do dream of America. I’m on the complicated end of thinking right now. We accumulate tons of information and then we compress it and simplify it down into patterns and rules and rule sets and all of that. It’s the learning process. Right now I’ve got a lot of observations – about this country, political noise, and the glorious and terrifying path that we uproarious humans are all on together – and they haven’t compressed yet. The rules haven’t emerged in my mind.

Right now I have a theory. In extremely broad strokes, my theory is that the left has a pretty solid handle on which issues are important to deal with in the quest for quality of life for the masses and being good people and loving our neighbors and all of that. The right has a pretty solid handle on what works and what doesn’t, in terms of practical procedures. So in my mind it would be nice if we could recruit democrats to set the “what” – the overall agenda – and republicans to work out the “how” of the implementation.

Better yet, let’s throw all the extremists from both sides into a cage match and let moderates quietly step up to run everything. It’ll be a next-gen reality show that we’re ALL IN.

Dream on, right? I’m so hilarious.

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