A few massive changes recently came into my life that have me feeling reflective. First, on Saturday, November 3rd, I realized that I had hit a new mile marker in my healing process. Details on this in subsequent posts. Second, on Monday, November 5th, I was laid off from a job I’ve had for the entire seven years since graduating from college – at first I was stunned, but I’ve come around to seeing it as a great opportunity to revitalize my direction in life. Third and final, on Tuesday, November 6th…

…NO! Not the election! I turned thirty. A lot of people seem to feel anxious about getting older or self-conscious about their various ages. I don’t – I’m excited about my age. I’m not sure why. Maybe I’ll figure it out in another post.

The funny thing is, because I had such a personally significant birthday on such a nationally significant Election Day, I feel somehow obligated to have an Opinion about the whole thing. While I do have political opinions, I usually don’t voice them, because I’m opposed to getting caught up in the negative noise that arises when the aggressive disagreements take hold of our national consciousness.

For no reason I’ve yet identified, I’m making an exception this time. My Opinion regarding this election, 2012, is two-fold.

  1. The Anti-Christ was not a candidate for either party, in any local, state, or federal election. I state this explicitly because based on the aforementioned negative noise, I suspect it may come as a shock to some.
  2. There are many spheres of discussion that come to center stage during political campaigns. In my opinion, the single most fundamental consideration is that of human rights. Every single person in the United States is a human being, and every single human being is equally deserving of the rights, respect, and protection of his or her government. If the public perception is that one political party attempts to protect and afford rights to every human being equally – regardless of gender, race, socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation – and the other does not, THAT will and should be the deciding factor of the political discussion.

Whatever mess this beautiful, blessed, shipwreck of a country is in, we’re all in it together. Once we can all treat each other with respect and decency, we can be confident that any steps we take towards a brighter tomorrow will be taken together, and not simply by some at the expense of others.

Overly simplistic? Unrealistically idealistic? Perhaps. But it’s important – so today, I’m willing to live with that.

2 thoughts on “Upheaval

  1. There’s unfortunately a lot of nuance with regards to statement #2, especially once you get into “Every single person in the United States is a human being, and every single human being is equally deserving of the rights, respect, and protection of his or her government.” I think that we, as a nation, really need to define the purpose of government, so that we can figure out how much protection is necessary, and how much is coddling. I think that over the last few years, a lot of entities have clamored that their protection is necessary, and the protection that other entities are getting is coddling. We don’t want people to die, and we don’t want people to take advantage, and right now both extremes are happening.

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